Do You Want More Bottom-line Results
From Your Marketing Efforts
That Puts Cash in the Bank?

We recently commissioned a report of over 250 successful businesses and the latest research reports from Thompson Research and GE Capital and distilled their success into 7 key factors

Why are we sharing this with you?

Because we find it very concerning that business owners who are invested in their growth are missing key opportunities to leverage and take advantage of in the changing market​

Unfortunately, most traditional and digital marketing agencies have it wrong

They focus on “cool, fancy” designs, branding, page views and vanity metrics such as Facebook likes when all they should be doing is getting you customers and bringing you at least $2 back from every $1 in cold hard cash straight into your bank account

I learnt it the tough way through building up my own language education business ChinaSpeak online since 2005 - dinosaur ages in internet years

(yes, even though the website got it's first sale within 2 weeks of launching online after Xmas without any promotion or advertising at all - but that's another story over a drink)

My brother Cheech (an specialist in helping businesses get found online) and I have helped worked on projects with clients dominate their market like:

With myself, my brother and our team - your digital marketing will be setup and run by results-focussed and numbers-oriented people with the main objective being a multiple return on your investment.

We know what it's like running a business and know how important it is to have a partner that really understands your business and works with you towards your goals

Most web design shops and digital marketing agencies are run by design-oriented hipsters on fancy Mac computers with their only objectives being advertising awards, respect from other agencies and “nice fancy designs”

Is it important? - of course, yes. But it's only part of the story

Note this is not about the latest fad in SEO or Facebook

This about understanding where you're at and where you want to head, Identifying the key areas to focus on to give the best leveraged results

And it all starts with first having a complimentary chat (structured and strategic), to get to know you and your business...

Let's meet up 
and you get access to the
7 Key Business Success Drivers

and take advantage of them to help more of your target customers and bring more cash in